Printables and Padding Compound

I’m a list maker.  My memory is a little hit-and-miss, so it’s really the only way I can keep track of what I need to do.  I do it so often, it’s a family joke.  The funniest part is when my adult and nearly-adult kids come and ask me for a packing list when they’re about to go somewhere.  They’re broken.

Because I make so many lists, I go through a lot of paper.  I’ve tried cutting up scratch paper and just using it as I need it, or securing a stack with a binder clip, but something is missing.  I think I like the ripping sound it makes when I tear off a completed list and triumphantly throw it in the trash.

Padding Compound 1

A few months ago, I came across a project on Chica and Jo that had my name written all over it.  They were making notepads with something called padding compound.  Making my own notepads?  Out of whatever I want?  I was so in.

I finally got around to ordering the padding compound from Chica and Jo through Amazon.  It’s $7.99 for a bottle.  I waited, as I always do, until I had a large enough order for free shipping.  It took the tiniest amount to make the three pads, so this is a great value.  It seems like I could make a million of these before I run out, but Chica and Jo have kindly provided an estimation guide that says it’s more like 120.  I took this photo AFTER I made the pads shown.

Padding Compound 2

I’ve never been happy with the size of the grocery shopping list pads I’ve bought before, so getting to make my own in a larger size made me pretty happy.  You can download that printable here.

Padding Compound 3

I named my to-do list What To Do, because it sounds less bossy than To Do.  There are three pages to this printable, which you can download here.  That’s mostly because I like to play with fonts, and wanted to use all the graphics I drew for my blog.

Padding Compound 4

Making these couldn’t be easier.  Print out as many pages as you’d like on regular paper and cut them to size.  I went with about 40 pages per pad.  If you’d like the back solid, like a pad you’d buy, also cut a piece of cardboard the same size.

Padding Compound 5

Clamp the pages together with a couple of binder clips.  If you want to protect the top page from excess compound, you can put a piece of cardboard or popsicle sticks (which I read about in the comments on Chica and Jo’s blog) at the top edge.  I’m storing the sticks with the compound so I can just use the same ones every time.

Padding Compound 6

The next step is to brush the padding compound onto the top edge of the pad with a small brush.  My binder clips were very large, so I didn’t have any trouble getting the brush in there, but you may want to try clipping from the side if yours are smaller. 

I ended up leaving this overnight, but from what I understand it dries quickly.  I removed the clips and added a second coat.

Padding Compound 7

After that dried, it was just a matter of peeling off the popsicle sticks and the pads were finished!

Padding Compound 8

I’m anxious to make more, especially with the holidays coming up.  These could be personalized or make from scrapbooking paper, and combined with a cute pen, would make a useful teacher’s gift.  Actually, these would make a great, inexpensive gift for anyone.

Don’t make the mistake I did though.  I put one on my desk and one in my sewing room, so I had two lists going at the same time.  It was pure chaos.

13 thoughts on “Printables and Padding Compound

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  2. I love this! I have two questions. One: how did you get your paper for the shopping list to cut so evenly and lay so flat (rather than each individual page sticking up on the sides)? Two: How did you get the top of the altoids box so smooth? On mine, the letters are raised…


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