Gathered Shoulder Altered T-Shirt

I found a couple of boxes of dye in my sewing room recently.  I also came across a couple of clothing items I had held onto with the intention of refashioning them into something else.  On top of all that, I managed to get some unidentified blue spot on my khaki shorts.  Needless to say, I went a little crazy with the dye.  Several of my husband’s white t-shirts that he never wore, everything I mentioned already, another pair of shorts and a jacket went into it.  I’ve only tried it a couple of times before, but I was mostly happy with the results.

gathered shoulder T 1

One of the shirts I threw in my daughter bought a few years ago in Las Vegas.  It was during her very brief period of actually liking pink, so it was voted out of her closet a while ago.  It has an AC/DC graphic on the front though, so the sixth grader in me wouldn’t actually get rid of it.  Unfortunately, in my hurry to toss it into the dye bath, I didn’t get a before photo.  Think Pepto-Bismol.  However, apparently pink and black make purple.

gathered shoulder T 2

One of her favorite things to wear around the house lately is a shirt she and her friends altered for homecoming last spring.  She was wearing it every day, so clearly she needed another one.  I decided to try one with gathered shoulders, using only fabric from the shirt itself.

Lay the shirt out flat and carefully fold in half.  It’s probably a good idea to try it on first to see where you want the arm hole to stop.  Make a mark there. 

gathered shoulder T 3

Cut from just inside the shoulder seam to the mark on the side.

gathered shoulder T 4

Cut a small piece from under the sleeve that measures the distance from the neck seam to edge of shoulder in length and about 1 1/4” wide.

gathered shoulder T 5

Pin to the shoulder, centering over the shoulder seam.  Stitch down the center and close to the two long edges using your favorite knit stitch (mine is a narrow zigzag) to create two channels.  Repeat on opposite side.

gathered shoulder T 6

Cut away the top seam and bottom hem from each sleeve.

gathered shoulder T 7

Starting with the arch at the top, cut a 1/2” strip, spiraling into the center of the sleeve as shown.  I cut away some of the outside points and sharp curves to maintain the shape.  Compare this to the photo above.

gathered shoulder T 8

Cut the strip to about 30” long.  Shorter is fine too – we ended up cutting some off – but this gives you some wiggle room.

Attach a safety pin to one end of the strip and feed it into one channel from the neck.

gathered shoulder T 9

Once it reaches the end, pull it through a few inches.  Go back to the other end of the strip, attach the pin, then feed it into the other channel, also from the neck.

gathered shoulder T 10

Pull both ends though evenly until the loop is gone.

gathered shoulder T 11

Carefully gather the shoulder by pushing the channels up the strip.

gathered shoulder T 12

Tie the strips to secure.

gathered shoulder T 13

Channel your inner rocker chick, get out your air guitar and you’re ready to go!

gathered shoulder T 14

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