Map Monogram

I never know what to put on shelves in my house.  I have plenty of stuff that needs to sit somewhere, but I want it to look like it belongs and meshes well with everything else in the room.  My husband built new shelves around our fireplace for my birthday, which are still mostly empty thanks to this problem.  My birthday was in May, so I decided I better start making an attempt at home décor.

Map Monogram 1

I found this letter in a closet where I stuffed some things to put up Christmas decorations a couple of years ago.  As you might imagine, I’ll be getting rid of some of those things, but I thought this letter could use an update and find a spot in my new living room.

I had big chunk left from the Map Memory Box, so I decided to cover the letter with that.  Because it’s an odd shape, I didn’t want to try to cover it with one large piece.  Instead, I tore it into a bunch of smaller pieces.

Map Monogram 2

I attached them by covering the letter in Mod Podge, then laying each piece on and overlapping it with others, adding more Mod Podge as needed.

Map Monogram 3

I wrapped it around the corners, but didn’t cover the entire back.  I continued overlapping and tearing smaller pieces until none of the blue paint was visible on the front or sides.  I even made sure some important places were visible, like the town my husband lived in as a kid and the place we went for our honeymoon.

Map Monogram 4

I coated the outside with Mod Podge, then sprayed it with a clear coat of varnish when that was dry.  As far as crafts go, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

Map Monogram 5

I’ve decided this needs a globe to sit with.  See, baby steps and I’ll have my living room decorated by Christmas.  Just in time to put everything away again.  Sigh…


The Shabby Nest          

4 thoughts on “Map Monogram

  1. Cool! I’m wanting to make some of these for a family member’s bd. I’ve even bought the wooden letter and printed off some maps! I’ll be sure to bookmark your post and put a link to it when I finally get them done! 🙂


  2. Very cute! The maps make the monogram so much more interesting with the design and bit of texture. I found a huge drawer of maps while organizing at my parents house and laughed at them, now I have a plan for them!


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