Ruffled Oven Mitts

You might have caught my tutorial last week for the Spring Apron I made for my sister.  If you made one, or even read through the instructions, you probably noticed there’s a good-sized piece of scrap left over.  I’m not one to let fabric go to waste, so I HAD to come up with a project to use it.  What better accessory to a cute, ruffley apron than cute, ruffley oven mitts? 

oven mitts 1

To make one of these (you’ll probably want two, so just do everything twice) you’ll need this pattern.  Everything is sewn together using 1/4” seams.


one (on the fold) from the outer fabric

one (on the fold) from the lining fabric

one (on the fold) from Insul-Brite

one (on the fold) from cotton batting

one 2 1/2” x 18” piece of contrasting fabric (for the ruffle)

one 1 1/2” x 16” (cut on the bias) from the lining fabric for binding the bottom edge

oven mitt 2

Fold the ruffle in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.  Press.  Baste the raw edge.  On a side note, yes, I have scorched the heck out of my ironing board cover.  I have the world’s hottest iron, which is both a blessing and a curse.

oven mitts 3

Layer the pieces opened up with the lining right side down, the cotton batting, the Insul-Brite (with the shinier side up) and then the outer piece right side up.  Pin together using lots of pins. 

oven mitts 4

You can quilt these together by stitching through all the layers in a few lines if you’d like.  It’s not required, but it will make everything a little easier to handle, and you can remove the pins.

oven mitts 5

Leave the piece laid out flat.  Find the center of the ruffle and pin it to the center of the mitt with the raw edges even.  Pin the ends of the ruffle to the outer edges of the mitt.  Pull the threads from each end to gather.  Pin the ruffle in place.  Baste in place if desired.

oven mitts 6

Fold the bias piece in half, wrong sides together and press.  Press edge under 1/4”.  Cut to fit the edge of the mitt, setting the remaining piece of bias aside.  Pin over the ruffle with the raw edge of the mitt even with the unfolded edge of the bias.  Stitch 1/4” from edge.

oven mitts 7

Pull the bias down toward the seam and wrap the folded edge to the back, just covering the stitch line. 

oven mitts 8

Pin in place.  Stitch from the front near the edge of the bias closest to the ruffle.

oven mitts 9

Cut 3” from the remaining bias.  Fold both raw edges under 1/4”, the fold in half.  Stitch near the edge.  This will be your hanging loop.

Fold the mitt right sides together.  Fold the hanging loop in half and put between the two layers near the wrist with the loop to the inside.  Stitch around the edge of the mitt, tapering your stitching to meet the fold and keep a smooth curve.  Clip the seam where the thumb meets the hand.  Zigzag over the seam all the way around.

oven mitts 10

Turn right side out and go make some cookies.

oven mitts 11

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