Fabric Daffodils–3 Ways

I noticed late last week that a few daffodils had bloomed in front of the house.  Not unusual most places, even up the hill from my house, but where I live they tend to be later.  It’s especially strange since it hasn’t been very warm.  I thought about cutting them and bringing them inside, but I liked the pop of color outside.

Yesterday morning I woke up to find them buried in snow.  This one is trying to come back now that it’s melted a bit.

daffodil 01

We only see snow on the ground a few times a year, so it was even weirder than the blooming daffodils.  It made me REALLY wish I had cut the poor things.  I decided to make some out of fabric for the indoors, sure to be safe from this crazy weather.

daffodil 001

I’m going to walk you through my three experiments, saving my favorite for last.  I like all of them for different reasons, so I’ll let you choose for yourself.

To make one of these, you’ll need five 4” squares and one 1 1/2 x 20” strip of fabric and a small circle of felt, about 1” across.  For this first version, you’ll also need a 2” square of fabric.  In the photo above, the first one is on the far right.

daffodil 1

Fold a square in half with wrong sides together.  The fold is at the top.

daffodil 2

Fold one upper corner down to the center bottom.

daffodil 3

Fold the other upper corner down to the center to create a triangle.

daffodil 4

Pin in place.  Repeat with the other four squares.  Fold the long strip in half and lay on top of the triangle with the raw edges together.  With knotted thread and needle, start on one end and take long stitches near the edge through all layers.

daffodil 5

Add the next triangle and continue stitching, repeating until all triangles are attached to the strip.

daffodil 6

If the strip is longer than your triangles, cut off the excess.  Gather tightly.  Stitch ends together and knot thread.

daffodil 8

Holding the petals, pull up on the gathered strip in the center so it stands up from the flower.

daffodil 9

Turn the flower over and glue a felt circle on the bottom with hot glue.

daffodil 11

Stitch large stitches around the 2” square.  Gather and knot.  Glue into center of flower with the gathered side down.

daffodil 14

For the second version, far left in the photo above, you’ll need the same cuts of fabric, excluding the 2” square.  Prepare the triangles the same way, but instead of sewing the triangles and strip together, just sew the triangles together by themselves.  Stitch a long running stitch near the raw edge of the folded strip.  Gather.

daffodil 15

Stitch the ends together.  Stitch through some of the folds on the outside to keep them standing upright.

daffodil 16

Prepare flower with the felt circle on the back, then sew or stitch the center to the flower.

daffodil 016

For the last, and my favorite, prepare the flower the same way as the second one above, including gluing the felt circle to the back.  For the center, cut the strip down to 12”.  Stitch the ends with right sides together.

daffodil 17

Fold in half with wrong sides together and stitch near edge.

daffodil 18

Pull the thread to gather.  Knot thread.

daffodil 19

Glue into the center of the flower.

daffodil 21

You can glue a ribbon loop to the back to hang these.  I knew I wanted to put them in a little vase, so I covered a wood skewer with floral tape and glued it to the back.

daffodil 22

It’s amazing how a few bright flowers can make March snow a little more bearable.

daffodil 23


84 thoughts on “Fabric Daffodils–3 Ways

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  3. These are really neat and i would like to make some for my friend who grows daffodils & collects daffodil things, but she has pointed out to me on numerous occasions when I’ve given her items, that daffodils have 6 petals. Can your pattern be made with 6 pieces?


    • Ha, ha, ha…you’re right Annie! You shouldn’t have any problem adding an additional petal, just stitch it in the same way as the others. The only difference will probably be that you can’t pull the center quite as tight. Good luck!


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  6. Thank you, These are lovely! and your tutorial is fab! I have added these to my pin board on pinterest so i will remember to make them, they are on my list 🙂


  7. This is awesome! Our daughter who we lovingly call Daffodil was just born on April 23rd and I’ve been looking everywhere for Daffodil crafts. This one is by far the best and will definitely adorn her walls soon!


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  9. I just love these but here in Texas we don’t get snow but we need to brighten the inside with these becsuse this heat wave is already killing ours!!!! Thanks for sharing


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  11. These are really great! I recently bought a book on how to make various fabric flowers but YOURS is sooo much easier. The book calls for a special craft iron (about $45 with all attachments) and isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Still may make some of those for hair bands but this is just much much simplier and actually prettier than those in the book 🙂 Thanks!


  12. Wonderful! I just found your site coming from All Free Sewing and am now your newest follower. I am only able to find this one daffodil tute and the heading says 3. Where can I find the other 2? My daughter loves daffodils and these would help perk her up. Great Blog!


  13. This is kind of odd. Last night (til the wee hours of this morning), I was cruising around wordpress looking for ideas, and found your site. And then, this morning I go to allfreesewing.com, and here is this tutorial! I think the follow button is calling me.


  14. When I found this tutorial I wanted to make them. My friend & I have made enough to fix into flower pots (turned upside down) to use for table decorations for a dinner, then give to a nursing home. They turned out so nice!!


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