Friday Favorites–Purses

Most people know spring is coming because they start to notice the tulips and daffodils poking out of the ground, or the air starts to bite a little less.  Maybe it’s the desire to open a window or start cleaning after the family’s winter hibernation.  How do I know spring is on the horizon?  I get sick of my purse and want to replace it.  Pretty deep, huh?  So, a few purses may have caught my eye this week.

Film is getting harder to come by, but if you happen to have some lying around you’d like to get rid of, try this 35mm Film Bag from Instructables user shesparticular.


This Fat Quarter Handbag from Sew, Mama, Sew can be made from two fat quarters – one for the outside and another for lining.  Visit the page for more variations and embellishments.


I’m a sucker for a kisslock frame, and Big ‘N Beautiful Betty from Uhandbag would be an absolutely perfect spring purse.  I love everything about her.


These upcycled Shirts to Purses from Bugglebee are practical, but still lovely.


A clutch can come in handy (get it? Smile), and I like the zipper at the top of this Fold-Over Clutch from Pattern Runway.


I love the square opening on the Olivia Bag from Dixie Mango.


The unique opening on the Caliti Clutch from Sew Sweetness is perfect with the fabric choices.


Sometimes a purse just needs to be fun.  I think this Fabric Fishy Purse from Make It and Love It has that covered.


And in the “Wait, what?” category, check out this Retro Rotary Phone from Chica and Jo.  If I had an old phone at my disposal, I would already be carrying this purse.


I’m just curious…do you call them purses or handbags?  Anybody know the difference?

13 thoughts on “Friday Favorites–Purses

  1. I love the film bag and thank you for the pointer to the fat-quarter bag tutorial. I was given some goreous fat quarters and was wondering what to do with them!


  2. We love the collection of purses you have here, and thanks so much for including our rotary phone purse in your list.

    P.S. We actually have two of these phones for sale over on Etsy, so take a peek if you want to own one without having to make one!


  3. You asked whether it is a handbag or purse, I am from the mid-west and I call it a purse. My husband from Connecticut says a purse is something you win at the track. Until he decides to carry one, it’s a purse.


  4. In Australia they are generally called handbags and the purse is the smaller item used to store your bank cards and money- equivalent to a man’s wallet, although women’s purses are becoming more wallet-like and less feminine and are often called wallets instead now.
    Personally I’ve just had to throw away (sobs) 4 such bags due to a mould infestation in the wardrobe I was storing them in so this blog is especially interesting and timely for me! Thanks 🙂


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