Knitting Loom Infinity Scarf

One might think, looking into my closet, that I have one cold neck. I have scarves in so many colors, shapes, lengths and materials it’s almost ridiculous. Fleece, yarn, cotton, wool – all are welcome in my scarf collection.

I actually wear them. As it happens, I DO have a cold neck. I have a cold everything, for that matter. Autumn, winter and spring can be a little chilly and unpredictable here, so I have to bundle and layer.

I love yarn and all things made from it, but I’m too heavy-handed when it comes to working with it. I want to pull everything tight. Really tight.  Lucky for me, I discovered knitting looms a few years ago. It’s my knitting crutch.


There are people who make very beautiful and complex items on these looms. I am not those people. However, Gettin’ It Pegged! has some fun patterns that really make me want to learn more. There are also projects available on Provo Craft, the maker of the Knifty Knitter line of looms.


You may remember my neckwarmer fail from last spring, as modeled by my dog, Max.

Neckwarmer 4

I loved this yarn, and since this project didn’t work out I decided to try again.  This time, I thought I’d go with a regular scarf.  This poor yarn has been through so much – I just wanted it to turn out right.

I started the scarf, then put it away for the summer.  I got it back out late fall to finish it.  By then, infinity scarves were everywhere, so the gears started turning, trying to figure out how I could make this project into one.  I had, what I thought at the time, was the brilliant idea to cast off through the loops of the opposite end so they would be attached when I was done.  You may have already realized my mistake.  I didn’t.

I spent about an hour and a half feeding my crochet hook through both ends, slowly removing the entire thing from the loom.  I was completely done and tried to drop the loom in my lap before I discovered this.


How did I not notice that?!?!?

Unless I wanted to wear the loom around my neck too, I had messed up yet another project from this yarn.  I laughed really hard for way too long before I gave a thought to what I would do about it.  My husband came to my rescue and actually cut the loom and screwed it back together.  At that point, the scarf was more valuable to me than the loom.

The good news is, I LOVE my infinity scarf.  The loom is currently being used by my daughter, who hopefully has better yarn genes than her mother.

21 thoughts on “Knitting Loom Infinity Scarf

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  2. Too funny I would SOO be doing that as well.. And actually, they do have snap apart looms 😉 They are called “Martha Stewart Looms” Or something along that line lol. I know there is another company that also made a snap apart one.. Not sure the name though.. And a few of the wood ones come apart as well! Just wanted to chime in! Keep on Looming!!


  3. This is hilarious because I did the exact same thing last night… I thought “Oh man, I can make this scarf into an infinity scarf!! I’m a genius!” .. took the end of the scarf, put it back up on the loom.. was half way finished taking them off the pegs when I realized what I had done. So I had to take it apart.. and start over. Not so genius after all. Thankfully since I was only half way done casting it off (or whatever it’s called) I was able to undo it fairly easily.. okay it took me 15 minutes because I was scared I’d somehow unravel the whole scarf.. but I did it and pulled it up through the middle of the loom to finish it. I googled infinity scarf loom and came across this and just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. Wish I had seen this last night though! Haha!


  4. Some of the long looms have removable pegs which, when you take out the side peg, allow you to separate the sides of the loom. The only issue with these is that the plastic is not hard so if you use both sides of the loom, the middle parts of the plastic pull together making it really difficult to get the yarn through as you are making your project. I have two sets of long looms because I found this out the hard way.


  5. Your dog looks so cute! Where can I find actual step by step directions for casting to create an infinity scarf? My loom comes apart so that isn’t an issue. I just can’t figure out how to connect my two ends. Thank you!


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