Birthday Badge

My little girl turned 18 this week.  I don’t know where the time went.  I swear we were just trying to get her to take her first steps last week, now we’re lucky if we can catch her as she runs in and out the door.

Her birthday was on Monday, which deserves something a little extra. I decided to make a badge for her to wear so everyone at school would know it was a special day for her and give her the big, ninja-attack hugs she’s so fond of passing out to others. 

This bright idea hit me at about 10:45 the night before her birthday, so please forgive the messiness of it.  To make this, you’ll need fabric, thin cardboard, clear vinyl, bias tape, a pin back and an oval birthday message printout.  I printed mine on cardstock, but it would also work on regular paper.  If you have little ones around, it would be fun to let them create a design for you.


Cut out the printout, then use it as a pattern to cut the vinyl, cardboard and fabric.  Layer the pieces with the fabric at the back (wrong side up), the cardboard, the printout (facing up) and the vinyl.  I found it helpful to put a bit of double stick tape between each layer to hold it in place.  I didn’t put any between the printout and vinyl, although you could use it close to the edge.  Glue would work as well.

Unfold one side of the bias tape.  Press one end under 1/4”.  Starting with the pressed end, lay the tape so the edge is even with the edge of the vinyl and the folded side of the tape is to the inside.  Stitch close to the fold line all the way around, holding the vinyl in place.  Stop after the tape overlaps itself and clip the remainder of the tape off.


Turn the tape over the edge toward the back.  Mine was pretty tight.  Stitch around on the front close to the inside edge of the tape and again toward the outside edge.


I’ve mentioned before how great I am at binding, which is essentially what this is, so the back of mine looks like it was done by a rabid squirrel.  Fortunately, no one is going to see the back.


I forgot the press the end of the tape under before I started, so I ended up with a raw edge showing.  Remember, it was getting late at this point.


I just gathered one edge of a bit of the bias tape, turned it into a little flower and sewed it on to cover it up.


I sewed a pin back on, but you could also hot glue it.  There’s that squirrel again.


As I suspected, she kind of gave me the “Oh, Mom…” face when I gave it to her and then went on to secretly enjoy the attention all day.  She didn’t want to poke a hole in her shirt, so we clipped it on with a hair clip through the pin.


You only turn 18 once, so you deserve all the attention you can get.  Or 28.  Or 37.  Or 42…


6 thoughts on “Birthday Badge

  1. Love the badge and our “babies” do grow up fast don’t they! Mine is a sophomore @ Purdue University this year and has his own apartment with 3 other people. sigh….. I guess it shows we did a good job that, as you say, just get a word in as they are in and out the door, but sometimes I wish mine was still a baby needing his Mom so much more!


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