Camping and Crafting

We’re back from our weekend camping trip.  We had a couple of relaxing days of sitting by a campfire and hanging out with some friends.  It wasn’t very warm, but it didn’t rain and, around here, that’s a win.

This might not come as a big surprise, but Codi and I brought along some craft supplies.  I’ve learned it’s best to bring something to do because my husband, or Joel-Gyver as he’s known around the tent, will inevitably start building something.  Last time we went camping, he spent hours working on motorized boats using empty Arizona tea cans, rubber bands, and I-don’t-know-what-else.

camp 1

This time he was a little less obsessed.  The only thing I caught him making was a cup holder for my chair.

camp 2

In the meantime, the girls broke out the box of paint and decorated many, MANY rocks.  Ellie and Emma’s parents may have been cursing at me under their breath when it was time to load up to leave.

camp 3

camp 4

I may also be responsible for Caitlyn’s shirt being demoted to pajamas.

camp 5

Codi brought along a big box of beads and helped everyone make beaded key chains and critters to hook onto zippers.

camp 6

We found out Joy is an amazing artist and I can tell you, that notebook in her lap is full of some gorgeous fairy drawings.

camp 7

We went on a camping trip a few years ago near the river, and found stacks and stacks of rocks when we arrived in our campsite.  Underneath one of the stacks was a note, explaining who had made all the rock towers.

camp 8

We thought it was so awesome, it’s become a bit of a tradition for us.  We don’t always leave a note, but there’s usually lots of stacks of rocks by the time we pack up.


This one was particularly impressive.  I was afraid to get too close.  Yes, that big rock is barely touching the one it’s sitting on.


I also made rainbow macrame bracelets for all the girls and Tucker made a couple of paracord bracelets for the boys.  I didn’t get a photo of that.  Sometimes trying to get a photo of a boy crafting is like getting a photo of Sasquatch.  It’s blurry because they’re running from you.

We managed to squeeze another weekend out of the calendar so we can go one more time before school starts.  I’ve already packed the paint.

8 thoughts on “Camping and Crafting

  1. We have a new, very colorful rock garden now! Thank you for bringing the crafts, these are the things that make for lasting memories. 🙂


  2. Your cup holder is hilarious!!!

    That note you found is so sweet — I can just imagine the three of them making memories piling rocks. 🙂 I love the picture of the stone piles, too!


    • The surprising part is, that cup holder actually worked! We thought the same thing about the note – and we left it, along with some additional rock piles, for the next campers to find!


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