Flip-Flop Covers, Part 2

If you’ve recovered from that rather long, but totally worth it,  set of instructions for the ruffled flip flop covers yesterday, let’s jump right into how to make the flowered version.

flip flops 1

The first part of the instructions is the same, but I’ll repeat them here so you don’t have to jump back and forth.  Many of the photos shown here are from the ruffled covers, so the colors are different.

You can download the pattern I used here. My flip-flops are size 9, but the covers fit just as well on my daughter’s size 10’s. It would probably work for at least a couple of sizes smaller as well, just make sure to check it next to your shoe before cutting any fabric.

Cut one of each piece for the outside and one of each for the lining. Flip every pattern piece over and cut again for the other foot.

This photo doesn’t show the top piece for each foot, which looks just like the larger black pieces only with white dots.

flip flops 2

Cut out and apply interfacing to all the lining pieces and the two top outer pieces.

Cut six 3/4” squares of Velcro. Cut two of them in half.

Stitch the matching lining and outer pieces together along the inside straight edge (B to B and C to C), right sides together. Press open with the seams toward the lining.

flip flops 7

On the right side of the lining, stitch the hook side of the Velcro on with the larger piece 1/2” from the bottom and close to the seam and the smaller piece 1/2” above that.

flip flops 8

Fold right sides together at the seam and stitch across the bottom edge. Turn right side out. Press and topstitch near the edge along both straight sides.

flip flops 9

Sew the loop sides to correspond on the larger lining piece (A). I did this by just laying the smaller pieces on top of the larger one, matching the curved edges and sticking pins through to figure out where the Velcro needed to be. It’s a little tricky, but in the end if you’re slightly off they’ll still work.

flip flops 10

Attach the lining pieces to each other with the Velcro.

flip flops 12

Lay the outer top piece (A) down on top of the split flaps. Pin in place. Stitch all the way around, leaving two inches open at the bottom to turn. Make sure not to catch the bottom edge of the split flaps in the seam.

Again, these are photos from the ruffled version.  You won’t have these stitching lines.

flip flops 13

Turn. Press bottom edge, turning in the edges at the opening. Topstitch across the bottom.

flip flops 14

Here’s what you’ll wind up with at this point.

flip flops 17

To make the flowers, I used the technique from my Forever Fabric Flowers.  You could also use the Last Minute Mother’s Day Flower or my pattern for Fabric Flowers here.  Do I have a thing for flowers or what?

To make the flowers, cut ten 4” squares, five for each foot.

flip flops 18

Fold one square in half, corner to corner.

flip flops 19

Fold in half again.

flip flops 20

Hand-stitch a long running stitch with doubled thread near the raw edge.

flip flops 21

Repeat with the other four squares, stitching each one onto the same piece of thread.

flip flops 22

Pull the thread to gather the petals.  Stitch the two end petals together to hold.

flip flops 23

For the center, I used a 1 1/2” covered button.  I originally intended to sew it on, until I realized the shank wasn’t long enough to do that.  I hot glued the flower to the back of the button.

flip flops 24

Since I already had the glue gun warmed up, I glued the flower to the cover also.  You might want to put the cover on the flip flop and put it on your foot so you can decide where you’d like the flower to be placed.  I’d recommend taking it back off before you apply the hot glue.

flip flops 25

Once the glue has cooled, or you’ve sewn your flowers on if that’s your preference, attach the cover to your flip flops.

flip flops 27

And then try it on another pair.

flip flops 28

Sadly, I had to sneak into the kid’s room to find some a little more colorful.

flip flops 29

One of the great side effects of these covers is that they actually stay on my feet.  I think I’m going to need a flip flop rainbow of my own.



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