Glass Block To-Do List

Since I already covered some things I like on my birthday this week, I thought I’d bring you a project instead of my usual Friday Favorites.  Hope you don’t mind.

I was wandering around Craft Warehouse a couple of days ago.  They lured me in with the “Truckload Fabric Sale” sign out front.  They have things hanging around the store that their employees have made and there’s almost always an instruction sheet nearby.  I spotted two different projects I liked and decided to combine them into one.

The first was a shadowbox frame someone had decorated and written a to-do list on the front of the glass.  I loved the fact that it was dimensional and the paper in the back of the frame could be changed out if I got tired of looking at it.  I was all set to gather the supplies, until I walked past the glass blocks.

This store has been carrying the glass blocks with a slit in the top for a long time now and they usually have little Christmas lights inside and vinyl words on the outside.  This time, they had one with river rocks in the bottom and a silk plant sticking out through the slot.  I’m a sucker for river rocks.

Here’s what I came up with.  You’ll need a glass block with a hole in the top, some scrapbook paper, some flat rocks, a small magnet, some branches and a wipe-off chalk marker.  I also splurged on the frame to hold the block, but it’s optional.

glass block to-do list 1

Trace the block on the paper and cut it out.  I didn’t want the paper to be permanently attached to the glass, so I used small pieces of removable double stick tape around the edge of the paper to hold it in place. 

glass block to-do list 2

The print on the paper and the lip around the block makes it invisible.  Just make sure you attach the tape to the printed side of the paper.  As always, learned that one the hard way.  Stick the paper to the back of the block.

glass block to-do list 3

Pull out the stopper in the top of the block and add the rocks.  Carefully.  I found it helps if you hold your breath.

glass block to-do list 4

Cut the sticks to your desired length and poke them through the opening and into the rocks.  I used some I’ve had in my craft room for years.  According to the package, it’s Crazy Ting Basil.  No, I have no idea what that is either.

glass block to-do list 5

You might notice in the first photo I showed a roll of magnetic tape.  I glued it to the side of the chalk pen with hot glue, but it wasn’t strong enough to hold it to the metal block frame.  My advice is check your magnet before gluing.  I ended up using one of those tiny super-strong kind.

glass block to-do list 6

I eventually read the instructions on the pen, and it says it will last longer if stored horizontally.  So instead of sticking it to the side of the frame, I moved it to the bottom in the back.

I almost stopped here because I liked it, but I started out intending for this to be a to-do list, so I had to power through.

glass block to-do list 7

And I’m not sorry.

glass block to-do list 8

I’ve never used a chalk marker before, but apparently it wipes right off with a damp cloth.  I could see all kinds of uses for this.  A quote instead of a list.  As a display at a wedding or party.  Filled with marbles or moss instead of rocks.  Fabric instead of paper.  I even considered curling some wire to use in place of the sticks.  The possibilities are endless.


Now if you’ll excuse me…I have a to-do list to complete.

23 thoughts on “Glass Block To-Do List

  1. What a great idea — and so many uses! I bought one of these clear blocks awhile ago, knowing I can do something with it…now I know what to do! I love the idea of writing quotes on it. Thanks for the inspiration. (Now I just have to try to find that block…)


  2. Cute idea! I love the river rocks against that background. So glad you came and linked up at I Made It! Monday at Ninth Street Notions. Can’t wait to see what you have this next week.


    • There’s a small chain of craft stores around Portland, Oregon called Craft Warehouse. That’s where I found mine. However, if you can’t find them near you, I just noticed carries both the glass block with the hole in the top and the stand I used. Just do a search for “glass block” at their website. Delphi is a stained glass supplier and I’ve ordered from them before.


  3. LOVE this!! I bought one of those blocks ages ago, but haven’t thought how how to use it – this is such a pretty & clever idea. Would love for you to link it to my Craftastic party:)


  4. I just got a brainstorm…my sister’s “happy place” is on a beach under palm trees. I’m going to use an enlarged tropical photo or something similar, sand and seashells. Thanks so much!!!


  5. Neat tutorial. I like using things in ways they were not necessarily intended for. I collect ideas, Then My Heavenly Father helps me recycle them, and combines them with others ideas.


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