Knitted Neck Warmer Fail

If you’ve read more than about two of my posts, you know I admire yarn crafts from afar.  Usually.  I do own a set of knitting looms, which I occasionally get brave enough to use.  I’ve made a few scarves and one sad little dishcloth.  When I get in the mood to try yarn, it keeps me from wasting a skein or two on a mess of a project.  Again, usually.

Before the last of the winter weather has passed here, I need to tell you about my attempt at a neck warmer.  I’ve seen these everywhere and loved them.  It seemed simple enough, especially with a loom.  Knit a circle.  How hard could that be?  This is what I was going for, without the pom-poms (pattern from the LionBrand yarn website):

Neckwarmer 1

This is what I ended up with.  Pom-poms would be an improvement.

Neckwarmer 2

You may be looking at this and thinking “That’s not so bad!”  First of all, thank you.  Second, this is just what it looks like laying down.  Here it is bunched up a little like it would be around a neck.

Neckwarmer 3

Again, not terrible, except for that little yarn end on the right.  One of the many things I don’t understand about knitting is what to do with the ends.  Anyway, I love the yarn and the color pattern, but that top edge is as big as it gets.  It will not stretch.  At all.  If my head were the same size as my neck I’d be all set…like my dog, Max.

Neckwarmer 4

Don’t feel too sorry for his humiliation here.  Because my neck warmer failed, I decided to make a regular scarf out of the same yarn.  Max saw the “ball” sitting on the arm of the couch and decided he needed to play with it.  He managed to unravel the scarf and string the whole mess ALL over our house.

If you have any experience with knitting looms, I’d love to know how you knit the thing off without restricting the stretchiness of that last row.  I can actually get this over my head if I try really hard, but then it looks like I’m wearing a funnel.  Now you know why there’s no photo here of me wearing it.  I had to maintain a little dignity.

If I were to try this again, I’d go with a version like this one from Loop Knits – a flat piece that buttons together in the front.

Neckwarmer 5

I know, Max.  I’m sad about it too.

Neckwarmer 6

11 thoughts on “Knitted Neck Warmer Fail

  1. I’m just discovering your blog, how fun. About casting off for stretch, pull up your yarn loops so they’re twice as big as normal, that will give you the ease you need (for needle knitting I bind off with a needle one or two sizes bigger than what I used for the project.) Also, when you’re finished don’t trim the yarn close to the knot, leave a tail about 8 inches long then with a blunt needle weave several inches back into your work, wash and block as normal then trim the rest of the tail off.


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  3. How did you do the actual round scarf? Did you just use the small long loom knit- do a long piece and put the ends together? How many rows did you knit?


  4. I did the same thing! Then I found this….I made an awesome neckwarmer…just really follow the instructions and wrap it 3 times around the loom..


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