Friday Favorites–St. Patrick’s Day

Because my maiden name starts with a “Mc” I think I can safely claim some Irish blood.  But who doesn’t this time of year?  This week’s Friday Favorites is dedicated to the day for the wearing of the green.

What is it about putting eyes and a tiny smile on something that makes it adorable?  If I could crochet, I’d make these I’ll Let You Borrow My Four Leaf Clovers from Alicia Kachmar.


It’s not Friday Favorites if there’s nothing made out of felt.  These Shamrock Barrettes from Holiday Crafts and Creations would keep the pinchers away.


St. Patrick’s Day is a little light on the decorations, compared to some other holidays.  Most of them go in the green shamrock direction, but it’s nice to see someone take on the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  This Rainbow Pot by Marie LeBaron on Craft is a great kid project.


And I also like this different version on Make and Takes (Marie’s blog!).


I like cute skulls.  There, I said it.  These Irish to the Bone Greeting Cards from OnCupcakeMoon on Etsy are adorable, like everything in her shop.


Food is another area that’s hard to cover for St. Patrick’s Day, especially if you aren’t a fan of green beer or corned beef.  I think these Pretzel Shamrocks from On a Whimm do a good job of filling the void.


One of the key features of St. Patrick’s Day is wearing green, and what better way to do it than with these Shamrock Chic T-Shirts from iCandy Handmade.


A Leprechaun Beard from No Time for Flash Cards.  I don’t think I need to say anything more.


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites–St. Patrick’s Day

  1. The little crotched 4 leaved clovers? actually look like little Leprechaun faces peeping out with the little eyes on them. I think they are cute.


  2. your picks are adorable! and you’ve managed to make me hungry with the food, lol. thank you so much for including my little lepreskull cards! =)


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