Faux Suede and Fleece Scarf

I have a hard time deciding what to do with the fabric left over after I’ve made a project.  I hate to throw it away, but often there’s either not enough to make anything else, or there’s nothing else I want to use it for.  In this case, the scraps practically told me what they wanted to be.

Scarf 1

I measured the widest spot I could get from both pieces and worked from there.  To make this, you’ll need a piece of fleece 5 1/2 inches by the width of the fabric, which should be just under 60 inches.  You’ll also need a piece of faux suede 6 1/2 inches by 12 inches shorter than the fleece, which would be about 48 inches.  These measurements are all very flexible, the important part is keeping the suede an inch wider than the fleece and at least several inches shorter.

Scarf 2

Turn the short ends of the suede under 1/2” and press.  Center the suede on the fleece, right sides together and raw edges matching on one side.  Pin in place.

Scarf 3

Stitch with a 1/4” seam.  Match the raw edges on the other side, bunching the extra suede in the middle.  Pin and stitch, making sure not to catch any of the excess suede in the seam.

Scarf 4

Carefully trim 1/4” off each side of the fleece, making it even with the stitching.

Scarf 5

Turn right side out.  Center the fleece so an even amount of suede shows on each side of the fleece.  Neither of these fabrics likes to be ironed, so I used pins to hold it in place.  Stitch 3/8” from each edge on the fleece side.

Scarf 6

Turn the scarf over and stitch 3/8” from the folded ends of the suede.

Scarf 7

Cut the fleece into 1/2” fringe on both ends.

Scarf 8

This might be one of my better uses of scrap fabric.

Scarf 9

And it matches my new jacket.  Double win.

Scarf 10

3 thoughts on “Faux Suede and Fleece Scarf

  1. That’s the kind of scarf that would make me smile and look twice at a person. It’s very cute and I love the brightly colored print with the neutral beige.


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