Oval Mug Mat

I’ve been collecting one-inch wide stripes of fabric for the past couple of years.  My plan for them is to make a rag rug, but these mug mats have been everywhere lately.  It seemed like a good place to donate some of my stash.

Mug Mat 1

If you haven’t heard, a mug mat is more than a coaster, but less than a placemat.  The theory is, it can hold your cup of tea or coffee with room left for a little pastry or cookie to go with it.  It calls out to the girly-girl in me.  The ones I’ve noticed have been rectangular or square, but I decided to go a little different route and make mine oval.

To make one, you’ll need this pattern and 1” wide strips of cotton fabric, each approximately 20” long.  The number you’ll need depends on whether you’re just making the mat or a matching coffee cup sleeve (you’ll find the instructions for the sleeve here).  I ended up using 26 strips to make both, which yields a sewn piece about 12” by 20”.

You don’t have to use 1” wide strips.  You can use a different size, or even a variety of sizes.  The only thing that matters is the your pattern pieces fit on the piece you wind up making from them.

Sew the strips together side by side with a 1/4” seam.  Press all the seams in one direction.

Mug Mat 2

Cut out the front and back (and sleeve pieces, if you choose), angling the pattern if you’d like the stripes diagonal.  Cut out one piece from cotton batting.

Mug Mat 3

Stitch around the pieces, close to the edge, so the strips don’t come apart.  Layer the pieces with the top piece right-side down, the batting, then the bottom piece right-side up.  Pin all pieces together.

Mug Mat 4

To finish the edge, you’ll need about 30 inches of bias tape.  Unfold one side of the tape.  Line up the edge with the edge of the mat with the other fold up and to the inside.  Fold the starting end to the inside 1/4” and the ending edge to the inside at an angle.

Mug Mat 5

Stitch all the way around the edge in the fold line.  You may need to trim the seam by about 1/8”, due to the bulk from all of the seams, so the bias tape will fold over it properly.

Mug Mat 6

Flip over.  Fold the bias tape over the edge so it just covers the stitching line.  Pin.  A lot.  Stitch around near the edge of the tape.

Mug Mat 7

I am terrible at binding.  But this is the back, so I’m not going to stress over it too much.

Mug Mat 8

I’m really going to have to make one of these for myself.  Not that I don’t love this one…

Mug Mat 9

But I’m not keeping it.  This is for one of you!  Tonight at 5 pm, Pacific time, I’m going to draw one of the names from the entries in my First Anniversary Giveaway and send them this Mug Mat AND a matching Coffee Cup Sleeve.  Sorry, but my kids already ate the cookies.  If you’re reading this before that time, you can still enter.  Just visit the First Anniversary post and follow the directions there.  I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!

Mug Mat 10

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