Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves

I’m gonna tell you right now, you can’t throw a rock and not hit a tutorial for a coffee cup sleeve out there on the web.  Reversible, not reversible, buttons, Velcro, skinny, wide, you name it.  For that matter, you can probably work a pattern out yourself.  However, just in case your rock lands here, I’m going to share my version with you.

I’ve made a few of these for Christmas and birthday gifts.  You can see the one I made for my grandma here.  I also have a few in my Etsy store right now.  I made a holiday version for myself, but I realized in the middle of Starbucks last week it’s not Christmas anymore.  One more decoration to store for next year.

I was trying to decide which fabrics to use for a new one and my wandering eyes landed on my seasonal fabric stack.  I must have one for every holiday now!  Yeah, we’ll see about that, but I’m all over Valentine’s Day.  And if you’re looking for a gift, nothing says “I Love You” like keeping their coffee warm.  Well, it would at my house.

To make one, you’ll need this coffee cup sleeve pattern .  As when printing any pattern, make sure it doesn’t scale down to print.  The pattern should measure 10 3/4″ straight across the top (corner to corner, not on the curve) and 9 1/8″ across the bottom (again, corner to corner).  It’s just barely under 3″ wide.  I use “borderless printing” in my print options to make sure the pattern prints full size.

Cut one from cotton batting, two from ironing board cover fabric and two from cotton fabric.  Make sure you flip the pattern piece over to cut the second pieces, so they’re opposite the first.  Another lesson I learned the hard way.  You’ll also need a coordinating elastic hair band and two 5/8” or  3/4” buttons.  I prefer buttons with two holes because they’re easier to stitch on.

Coffee Cup Sleeve Tutorial from Crafty Staci

I happen to have scraps of batting and ironing board fabric, but if you don’t and will be buying the supplies, another product you can use is InsulBrite.  It’s insulated batting, usually used for things like potholders.  If you use it, replace the cotton batting throughout the instructions with a piece cut from Insul Bright and leave out the ironing board fabric.  (affiliate link below)

You’ll only need half of the hair tie, so zigzag stitch through the center, about 3/8” long, then clip through the center.

Elastic for coffee cup sleeve | Crafty Staci

Layer the pieces:  first, a piece of ironing board fabric, face down.

Coffee cup sleeve lining | Crafty Staci

Next, cotton fabric, face up.

How to make a coffee cozy | Crafty Staci

Place the hair band in the middle of the straight end, with the ends even with the edge of the fabric.

Coffee Cozy from Crafty Staci

Next, the other piece of cotton fabric, face down.

Steps to make a coffee cup sleeve | Crafty Staci

Second piece of ironing board fabric, face up.

Make a coffee cozy | Crafty Staci

Last, the batting.

Reversible coffee cup sleeve tutorial | Crafty Staci

Pin in place.  Stitch around the edge with a 1/4” seam, leaving about 2” open on the bottom edge for turning.  Backstitch over the elastic when you reach that point.  Clip the curves and corners.

DIY Coffee Cozy - Crafty Staci

Turn and press, turning in the opening.  Stitch all the way around, close to the edge.

Lay flat.  Fold both sides in so edges meet.  Stick a pencil through the elastic and mark the farthest point it will reach without stretching.

DIY Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve | Crafty Staci

Stitch a button on each side over the mark, sliding a toothpick under each button.

Sewing the button on a coffee cup sleeve - Crafty Staci

After stitching, remove the toothpicks.  Wrap the thread around under each button a few times before knotting the thread under one of the buttons.

Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve from Crafty Staci

The hardest parts?  Remembering to ask for your drink without a cardboard sleeve and remembering to remove it before you throw away your cup.

How to make a Coffee Cup Sleeve | Crafty Staci


Check out my Coffee Sleeve Patterns page for lots of other designs and shapes you can make!



255 thoughts on “Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves

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  2. I LOVE this idea and can’t wait to try it. I have an idea that I have been racking my brain for an answer, and I think this just turned that lightbulb on. For Christmas this year my kids gave me a wonderful coffee press. I had been wanting one and love the flavor of the coffee they make. The problem I have… I make a pot of it and by the time I am ready for a refill, the coffee in the press has become cool. I decided I was going to “invent” a cozy, or sleeve, of some type, to wrap my press with. I think your cup sleeve enlarged to fit the press would work perfectly!! I will wait for a reply to see who is going to get one made first. 🙂 I welcome all help, tips, ideas for my new project!!!



  3. My rock landed here (love how you wrote that!), so thanks for the great tutorial. I’m not the world’s greatest sewer (only do pillows and blankets really!), so sometimes sewing tutorials are hard for me to follow.

    Definitely putting this on my to-do list!


  4. Do you think that you would need the batting if you have the InsulBrite? Just trying to keep from having to buy a whole bag of batting for this project 🙂 Would love some of your wisdom. I have other interfacing that perhaps I could use instead?


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  12. What a great idea! I’ve made knitted ones for teacher gifts last year, but never fabric ones, they would go quite a bit quicker 🙂
    On a different note, where did you get your cute tags that say “crafty staci”? I’m thinking about selling some of the things I make, but I haven’t found a tag source that I like.
    Thanks for posting!


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  14. Awesome tutorial!
    I’m thinking of making one for my kid’s daycare teacher. She drinks a big McDonald’s Ice Coffee every morning, and this could be great for her!
    Do I just use the same pattern and make it bigger? Any other adjustments you can recommend?



    • I LOVE these for cold drinks! I don’t make any adjustments for mine and they fit on all sizes of Starbucks cold cups. There is a small gap on the larger sizes, but not enough that it bothers me. I’m not sure what size the McDonald’s cups are, but if you’re using the stretchy band as a closure they’re pretty flexible. I also like the fact that I can use it on hot OR cold drinks as is. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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  18. My sis and I are about to make these! Your directions seems very easy to follow, and pictures with every step is a huge plus!

    Thanks! 🙂


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  22. I have a question: what kind of elastic hair bands do you use? I bought one that was too thin and got it jammed in my machine-bought that one that is fairly thick, could I possibly do this by hand rather than zig-zag on the machine. Love the pattern; can’t wait to make it work!


    • I use the basic Goody hairbands. You can also use elastic cord from the fabric store. And definitely do it by hand if they’re jamming up your machine. Sometimes I just take two pieces of thread and tie near the middle, then cut between them. The only purpose of that step is to hold the ends of the elastic together long enough to sew it into the seam, so it doesn’t matter much how you do it. Good luck!


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  26. Thank you for this very well explained tutorial! I’m making 25 of these as Christmas presents and I’m kind of suck on the buttons. How do you sew the buttons in the same spot on opposite sides without running into each other? The only way I’ve been able to figure it out is to sew them on at the same time with the same thread. But then I’m limited to one color of thread for both buttons which isn’t the greatest. Can anyone reading this help me?

    Thanks again, Staci, I’m a pretty novice sewer and your instructions have made this project very doable for me 🙂

    P.S. What’s the correct word for someone who sews? Because I used sewer but that definitely looks like “the infrastructure that conveys sewage”. Ewww!


    • Yep, Christine, that’s exactly how I sew the buttons on too – with one strand of thread. I try to coordinate my buttons as best I can. You might be able to sew one on, sewing all the way through the sleeve, then the other just stitching through a layer or two – it wouldn’t be easy, and the button wouldn’t be quite as secure, but you could use different colors of thread that way. Twenty-five? You’re going to be busy! 🙂

      I’m with you on that “sewer” title too. I think that’s why I prefer the old-fashioned, but so much nicer sounding “seamstress!”


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  34. I love this idea! But I don’t know how I went wrong but when I layer it the 2nd cotten is different than the other. Now I know its becauase one is face up and the other is face down but it doesn’t look like you have that problem.Idk what I did wrong orhow to fiddle it. 😦


  35. Hi Staci – love this tutorial! Found it via Pinterest and it’s the perfect thing for my sister. One question, though … when I go to print the pattern, the top is cut off. I want to scale it down but then I’m worried that the measurements will be wrong. Can you let me know the width and length (I know that’s tricky on a curve) so that I can make sure I printed it right? I don’t drink coffee so I don’t have a cup to test it with. 🙂 Thank you! And thanks for the tutorial!


    • Hello Amy! It’s important not to scale the pattern down, because it won’t fit around the cup. I designed this with no overlap, so you’d be left with a gap. I’m actually glad you brought this up, and I’ll be adding that information to the tutorial. If you measure the pattern at the top, straight across not curved, corner to corner, it’s 10 3/4″. Corner to corner at the bottom is 9 1/8″. The width is just a hair under 3″. I hope that helps, and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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  37. I like your Coffee Cup Sleeve and am interested in making them for a fundraiser for a non-profit organization that I belong to. I would like to email you the specifics. Thank you! Alice~


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    • Hello Nisha! The toothpick is to create a little gap between the button and the sleeve. If you don’t use it, the buttons would be pressed up next to each other, and it would be impossible to get the loop around either one of them. I learned that one the hard way! 🙂


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  46. love the double sided design! I use felt in mine. Anw love your blog and hello from your new liker, all the way from Australia! 🙂


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  48. Hey Staci ov the patern! Just making sure the ironing board fabric is to help it to be not as hot right??? If so I need to get some of that stuff!!!



  49. Hey Staci love the patern! Just making sure the ironing board fabric is to help it to be not as hot right??? If so I need to get some of that fabric!!!



    • Hi Brittany – the ironing board fabric reflects the heat away from your hand and back toward the cup, so it helps to keeps your hand cool and drink warm. You can also use InsulBrite instead of the ironing board fabric and batting. Good luck!


  50. Hi Staci,
    Love the tutorial and thank you for the template!!! I am a little confused on what the “turning is” that you left that whole open on the bottom side of the sleeve… I’m sure later on its closed but I think that part just got me a little confused… please help! Thanks!


    • Hi Betty,

      If you look at the 10th photo down, you’ll see that you sew everything together with the right sides of the fabric inside. The opening is left at the bottom so you can pull the inside through and turn it right side out (imagine turning a shirt that’s inside out). The opening is then stitched closed later in the instructions. It’s done this way so that the seams end up on the inside and not showing. I hope this helps!


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  52. Great tutorial Staci!
    I found this about a year ago, but nevere got around to making it. I’m back-starting Christmas presents months before Christmas instead of a week 😉
    I had a question about the InsulBrite (trying to use what I have)- which way do you face the shiny side? I’m not extremely knowledgeable about the stuff; but I think it is supposed to reflect the heat back to the heat source. Would I have to use two pieces of InsulBrite for it to be reversible, or just pick a side? I know I may be thinking too hard, but wanted to do it right the first time.
    Thank you for the tutorial!


    • Congrats on the early Christmas-gift-making! Technically, the shiny side of the Insulbrite is supposed to face the heat. I think rather than use two pieces, which might make it a little too bulky, I’d just choose a side. It seems to me the insulating properties would still work on both sides, because the batting and mylar are inside trapping some of the heat, no matter which way you turn it. I doubt for something as small as this you’d notice a difference. Good luck with your gifts!


  53. Just made these! (yeah took me awhile, waiting for an occasion for a gift!). Super easy, but I kept making dumb mistakes! It’s really hard for me to get a straight seam at the edge since its curved, so I ended up with fabric that the seam blends in and you can really barely see it!! Thanks for the great tutorial!


  54. I just tried making one of these and am having issues with my thread getting all tangled in the bobbin area. I don’t know what the “sewing term” is but my needle won’t go forward any more and when I pull it out there are a bunch of threads stuck in the bobbin area. This especially happens while going over the elastic. Do you have any tips for fixing this? Thanks!


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  61. So I’ve had this on my pinterest board for a little bit and finally got around to making it tonight. Clear instructions made this come together easily. My only issue (*probably my machine’s issue) was trying to zigzag the hair elastic, so I ended up just hand stitching that after cutting it in half, simple enough and not much extra work. I love how simple it was to make and will be making a few of these for stocking stuffers and little gifts for Christmas. Thanks for sharing this!


  62. I’m having a hard time getting the pattern to print to the right size! I’ve tried borderless printing but I must be doing something else wrong:( Any tip? I’m making four as Xmas presents!!


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  65. I made one of these already, and am going to make more. So easy and fun…cannot wait to give away as Christmast gifts!!! Wondering if adding a 1/4 inch around would make much of a difference, as I would love to have it just a little wider.


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  67. I’m making one of these for my sister and can’t find any ironing board material around me, do you think I could buy an ironing board cover and just cut out the material from that? If not, is there anything I can use instead of ironing board material?


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  81. I’m leaving this comment a little later than your original post. But I planned on making these for my “Ready to Pop” baby shower (“pop” in a hot/cold one) I am guessing the batting would work for iced coffees too! since batting can be an insulator. Would this fit a regular house coffee mug?


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  84. Such a simple idea that makes a great gift. Unfortunately I cannot sew to save my life, these paws are good for many things a needle and thread are not one of them 🙂


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  88. Thank you so much for posting a pattern here! I’ve been wanting to do this project for my coworkers for some time now, but couldn’t find a free pattern anywhere. You’re a lifesaver 🙂


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  93. My husband requested that I make some of these, since we got a couple of the SB re-usable cups that look just like their paper ones. I had pinned yours long ago, but never looked at it closely. My machine only does a straight stitch, no zig-zag, so do you have any other suggestions for how to do the hair tie?
    Thanks so much!


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  95. This seems like such an easy thing, but I tried doing it by hand as I don’t have a sewing machine, and it failed miserably…Any tips for doing it by hand? Thanks! 🙂


      • Hi! Basically, I pinned the fabric all together and it was bunching up from the pins so I was afraid that it would end up being bunched up when I sewed it. So I pinned it loosely, and the 3 pieces kept sliding around and by the end of stitching it, they weren’t lined up anymore, so when I flipped it inside out (or rather, outside in), the insulbrite was showing…

        Not sure if I went wrong with the pinning or something else.


          • Well, my friend randomly gave me his old sewing machine. It’s pretty old, but still works really well, and they gave me a bunch of supplies! I tried making a sleeve and it worked much better with the machine. Now I just have to learn how to sew in a straight line 😉 Thanks for your replies!


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  101. Fantastic idea! I’ll be featuring it on my blog ( tomorrow and sending folks your way for instructions! Keep up the good work!

    I would also like to invite you to on Fridays for a brand new link-up; it would be a delight to have you join us!



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  108. Thank you so much for posting a pattern here! I’ve been wanting to do this project for my coworkers for some time now, but couldn’t find a free pattern anywhere. You’re a lifesaver


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  110. I just love ALL your things. Spent at least an hour checking it out (drooling). I’m with you on the sweets!! Thanks for sharing. .Barb


  111. Great tutorial! There’s one thing I don’t understand though: do you stitch both buttons on at the same time (because if one falls off, the other does too). But if you don’t do them at the same time, then the second one is really hard to put on.


    • I do stitch them at the same time, so if one comes loose, they both will. However, I haven’t had that happen yet! And yes, it’s nearly impossible to sew them on separately. I just make sure I stitch and knot them securely. Good luck Danielle!


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  113. Oh my goodness, these are so cute! I was looking for the perfect thing to get my sister so I will make her one of these. Thank you so much for sharing and God bless!😃


  114. Since these are reversable, it would be cool to have, say one side Halloween and the other Thanksgiving. One side Christmas and the other Valentines day. So while they are in your purse, your never caught out of season! 😉


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  144. When I printed out the sleeve pattern, it measured 11 1/4 across the top and 9 1/2 across the bottom. Did I do something wrong in my printing or measuring?


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