Metal Thank You Cards

I don’t know about you, but around here, we have some thank you cards we need to send out for Christmas gifts.  We’ve done a few with fabric, but it’s time for something different.  My son is taking a metals class in school right now, so I thought this one might keep his attention.

We made the card using a sheet of thin metal.  They sell it in the craft store in a tube.  It’s thicker than aluminum foil, but still easily bendable.  I’ve had this tube for years.  I didn’t try it, but I’m wondering if you could carefully cut the top and bottom from a soda can, cut down one side to make it flat, and use that instead?  Hmm.


Cut a mat or two from colored cardstock that are smaller than your card but a little larger than the size of metal you want to use.  You can either use a premade card, or fold a piece of cardstock in half.  The metal can be cut with a pair of old scissors (don’t use your good ones!) into the appropriate size.  The edge can be sharp, so be careful, especially if you’re doing this with kids.  You can cut it a little large and bend the edge under or cover it with masking tape.


To create the design on the metal you’ll need a stencil.  The brass ones work best, but since those are hard to find now, you can also use a plastic one.


You’ll also need a tool for pressing into the metal.  I use the tool shown in this photo, which is a wooden handle with two metal ends.  Each metal end has a tiny ball on it.  Since you aren’t likely to have one of these lying around, you can also use a dead ink pen or a dull pencil.


Lay the stencil face down on top of the metal.  If the metal has a better side, lay that face down.  You’ll need something with a little give under it, like a newspaper or mouse pad.  You may also want to tape the stencil to the metal to keep it in place.  Trace around the stencils, pressing the metal down.  Use enough force that the metal bends, but don’t press too hard. 

When you’re done with your picture, attach the metal to the back of the cardstock mats with tape.


Glue the mats onto your card and you’re done.  Now that’s how you say Thank You!


2 thoughts on “Metal Thank You Cards

  1. You can use a drinks can for this. You have to cut it open very carefully and flatten it out but it’s exactly the same material – aluminium. I have used it in the past for cards before my local craft shop started stocking the metal sheet.


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