Our Handmade Christmas

I didn’t plan it, but many of our Christmas gifts were handmade this year.  Not all by me, but handmade none the less.

It started in September when my daughter and I made our annual Dill Garlic for our friends and family.  We’re up to about five dozen jars.


Next was my grandma’s birthday and I made her gift, too.

Grandma's Bday 2010

Seven of my Ninja Monkey Purses went to good homes with my sisters and nieces.


I made my little nephews Hot Wheels bags, which I managed to avoid getting any photos of.  I also made them a Velcro Catch Catch Ball Game from Craft.  No photos of that either.  I know, I did get a shiny, new camera for Christmas.

My two bigger nephews got Devil Sticks, which I learned how to make from Randomdude.  No word on whether they’ve mastered them yet.

Devil Sticks

My dad and daughter each got a coffee cup sleeve.  My husband made a wooden planter box for some friends.

I also ordered a couple of things from Etsy sellers.  My mom loves working with yarn, so she got this yarn bowl from AngelaIngram.

yarn bowl

We gave our son money to buy a new bicycle, so I bought this bike keychain from BicycleGifts to hold his rolled-up “gift certificate.”

Bike keyring

The only sad part of all this, besides the appalling lack of photos,  is I didn’t have time to finish sewing the kids’ Christmas Eve pj pants.  Oh well, January is a good time for new pajamas, too.

3 thoughts on “Our Handmade Christmas

  1. I love the mug rug and cup holder set, it is very cute! I forgot to take pictures of some of my favourite handmade things this year too and I also didn’t get the Christmas pj’s done! Glad I am not alone! Hope your Christmas was great any way!


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