Felt and Wire Angel

So it’s December, Christmas is coming, and I just realized I haven’t posted an original Christmas project of my own yet!  How did that happen?

I love felt.  It comes in so many colors, it doesn’t fray and it’s fun to play with.  Kinda sounds like Playdough.  Anyway, here’s what I did with it last week.

To make this angel, you’ll need three small pieces of felt and a piece of wire that’s about 14 inches long.

Print this pattern.  Cut out two of each piece.  Sew like pieces together using a running stitch, about 1/4” or slightly less from the edge, and contrasting embroidery thread.  Tie small knots for her eyes, hiding the ends of the thread inside her head.

Felt and Wire Angel 1

Fold the wire in half, then twist it a few times so you have a 1” loop.

Felt and Wire Angel 2

Slide the head onto the wire so it’s between two stitches at the top of the head and the ends are on either side of a stitch at the bottom of the head.  Push it all the way to the top, where the twist starts.

Felt and Wire Angel 3

Slide the body on the same way, pushing it up next to the head.

Felt and Wire Angel 4

Using a pair of needle-nosed pliers, curl the feet up, using about an inch of wire at the bottom of each leg.

Felt and Wire Angel 5

Attach the wings using hot glue, making sure they are glued to both the head and body.

Felt and Wire Angel 6

I think these would make cute gift tags.  If you’re a talented embroideress, you could stitch the recipient’s name onto the dress!

Felt and Wire Angel 7



61 thoughts on “Felt and Wire Angel

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  2. Thank you for this idea! I have a lot of Christmas cards to send out this year. I delivered my twins stillborn 7months ago and have become a part of a large community of other baby loss moms. I wanted to send them something along with a Christmas card and I think this would work great! Thank you!


    • I’m honored, Shannon, that you would use my little angel for something so important. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. A friend of mine lost her 3-day-old little girl last December and has also found some comfort in a group of other baby loss moms. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you enjoy making your cards and angels!


  3. These are beautiful. I plan on making them for my relatives as Christmas presents! What thickness (or guage) is the wire you used? Thankyou for putting this up 🙂


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  6. I would love to try to make these with heavy card stock. Do you think it would work? What about making them double sided and with used greetings cards? My mind is buzzing!


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  10. These angels are darling. Can you give us the width of the wings at the widest part, and the bottom of the dress? That would really help me. Thanks.


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  13. I just made a few of these and they are just darling! Thanks for the idea. I’m making boxes of ornaments for my grandkids to give to them when they’re adults/older. I’m making all kinds of things but these are by far my favorite!


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