Camera Lens Cap Pouch

I got my Christmas present early.

Lens cover 1

I’m DEFINITELY still learning how to use it, but I’m excited to have it.  The irony here is, you’ll notice the photos on this tutorial are not the greatest.  Welcome to my classroom, where I am not yet the star pupil.

The first big problem I encountered, besides the need for more regular exercise so I can lift this beast, is that I am going to lose this.

Lens cover 2

I take this cover off the lens and leave it everywhere.  I had the camera for about 4 days before I was considering checking the price on replacing it.  Lucky for me, I came up with a better idea while I still knew where it was.  Instead of waiting until I lost it, I made it a little pouch that slides onto my camera strap.

Lens cover 11

I’ve had to remove the tutorial that I had previously posted to make these.  I left it here for a while in the hope that my Creative Commons license (which means everything on my blog is for personal use only and may not be used commercially) would be respected.  For a long time, it was.  However,  because that license has now been ignored, I have to protect my pattern.  I’ve given this a lot of agonizing thought.  I’m very sorry to have to do this, and I hope you understand.

If you’re interested in purchasing a lens cap holder, you can find them in my shop.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

pocket assortment

46 thoughts on “Camera Lens Cap Pouch

  1. I have lost several over the years, I usually just stick it in my pants/shirt pocket when I take it off.

    I’m thinking they are about $4-6 now…..the bigger the lens cap the more $$$ of course.

    You had a great idea, maybe you should try to market them.

    Now get out there and take some pics.


  2. What a GREAT idea!! I am always worrying about losing my lens cap – I usually stick it in my pocket, but what if there is no pocket?? You should definitely look into marketing these, they are handy, AND cute!!


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  5. Excellent idea! Needed an extra present for the hubby (who always sticks it in his shirt pocket/trouser pocket but whenever I use it I misplace it and endure a couple of moments of stress until I find it again. (Hmmm looks like it’s a present for me after all… nooooo 😉


  6. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Such a fantastic idea. I have made Christmas gifts for everyone in my family except my dad. This is a perfect idea for him. Think I’ll make one for myself too.


  7. Thank you so much for posting this! My sister is a photographer and I have been wracking my brain trying to think of a Christmas/Birthday gift for her. This is something I would have never thought of but it is perfect!


  8. I tried to make this but somehow ended up with my lining in upside down and I can’t get my outline to be circulat, I think I need to work on my stitching rounded edges. I will try it again. Thanks for the tutorial!!


  9. Love love love this tutorial. I saved it a few weeks back as a “to do” project and finally made it tonight. I love it. It turned out great. Thanks for the awesome easy to follow tutorial!!! 🙂


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  12. this might be easier to follow if your layering instructions read: layer the pieces — outside oval, right side up with topt at top; half ovals, FOLDED AT THE SEAMLINE (wrong sides together) and lining side up, lined up at the bottom; lining oval, right side down with Velcro at top.

    Just a suggestion.


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    • These will fit a strap up to 1 3/4″, possibly 2″ if the strap is flexible, but you can make it fit a wider strap by increasing the width of the rectangle that’s used for the loop on the back. I’ve done it for several customers on the ones I sell on Etsy. Good luck!


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  15. I just found your site and am planning to make the lens pouch. Great idea!
    I also have a Canon EOS 60D and bought the book “Canon EOS 60D: From Snapshots to Great Shots” by Nicole S. Young. It is a great tutorial where Nicole leads you through the various steps from setting up your camera, to taking portraits, landscapes, and more. There is even a flickr group to show off your accomplishments.


  16. *sigh* I have made two of these now and both times my “lining” velcro has ended up inside the pouch instead of at the top of the flap. I know it must be in how I am layering the ovals. Can you describe the layering any differently? The pouch is so adorable and just what I was looking for. I only wish I knew where I was making my mistake 🙂 Thanks!


    • I’m sorry to hear this is giving you trouble, Jennifer! From your description, it sounds like you just need to rotate the lining piece. Try this: Lay down the piece with the loop for your strap. The loop should be facing you, and closest to the bottom. On top of that, lay the two pocket pieces you sewed together (referred to as “half ovals above). The Velcro should face down and the curve on the bottom match the curve of the first piece. Next, lay your remaining piece face down with the Velcro at the top. Proceed with stitching and turning as above.

      One trick I’ve learned for turning the right way is stick your left thumb into the turning hole. You should touch the rough Velcro, which means you’re turning the correct layer.

      If this doesn’t help, please email me (yellow thread spool in right sidebar above) and we’ll get this worked out!


  17. Staci, I LOVE Your patterns, so practical and simple but so very practical. I’m going to definitely make some of these! I am always trying to figure out where I put the darn cap! THANKS SO MUCH!


  18. The two half overs that we sewed do they need to be layer together or spread apart when we sew all of them together? And which way to they lie becasue I can’t see them in the pictures, I just can’t get my pouch to come out correctly.


    • After you’ve sewn those two pieces together as shown in the photo, you’ll turn the two pieces so they’re right side out. When you layer all the pieces together, that piece will lay on top of the one with the loop, so the Velcro is touching the loop. Does that help at all?


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  20. Hi, this is such a fab idea and I had ‘pinned’ this to a board on pinterest ages ago and when I finally come around to making it the pattern is sadly not there. I understand you are protecting your fabulous idea, however I am in the uk and sadly think $18 is a bit much for this. Also a heads up….your pattern can still be found on PetaPixel you might want to see if you can get that removed too. I love your items, wish you were here in the uk 🙂


    • Hi Zoe – I’m not thrilled about the huge jump in international shipping this year either. I don’t think it should cost more to ship something than the price of the item itself! Unfortunately, the postal service is trying to survive and this is one of the ways they’re doing it. Thank you for understanding about the pattern! 🙂


  21. I found this listing on pintrest just a month ago and was hoping to find the pattern so I could make a couple for me and my sister who got a new camera and currently still has her lens cap, Is there anyway you would be willing to send me the pattern and what size strap does it fit on?
    Thank you Joy


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