Play Mat Baby Quilt

I mentioned the Gingerbread Biscotti from the baby shower my husband and I threw earlier this week.  The parents-to-be are two of the sweetest people we know, so I really wanted to make something special for the baby.

I haven’t made a baby quilt for years, so it was time.  My husband helped me search through the fabric store for ideas (yes, he is awesome) and found a play mat panel.  Mom is a police officer and dad is a pilot and this particular panel happened to have a police department AND an airport as part of it’s little city.  It was meant to be.

The play mat is cotton, but is a little stiffer than traditional quilting fabric.  When he gets a little older, it will be great to drive his Hot Wheels on, but it might be a little rough for him to lay on when he’s small.  To make up for that, I backed it with Minkee.  If you’ve never touched Minkee, or one of the many other brands of this cuddly fabric, go now and find some.  It’s like they took the lightest, fluffiest whipped cream ever and made it into fabric.  I want to line the inside of all of my clothes with it.

Baby Quilt 1

I added a border around the panel, which involved way too much math and graph paper.  I quilted around all the buildings and down the roads, so it had a slight 3-D effect after it was washed.

Baby Quilt 2

I had a little of the backing fabric left, so I made the football from Make and Takes that I mentioned in my last Friday Favorites.  It’s a very easy pattern and worked great with the Minky.

Baby Quilt 3

Mom and Dad seemed to like everything, but now I’m anxious to see what Baby thinks!

7 thoughts on “Play Mat Baby Quilt

  1. The playmat is fabulous! I bought some street fabric for my cousin’s boys – I want to make a car mat for them to play with their cars on. I’ve never quilted, is it difficult to sew round the streets?


    • If you’ve never quilted before, I would recommend trying it out on some throwaway fabric and batting first. It is pretty tricky making those turns, but a little practice will help. Good luck with it!


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    • This is from several years ago, so I doubt this exact panel is still available, but I did a quick search for “city fabric panel” on Etsy and found a couple of cute ones. You could enter the same search at any online fabric retailer. had a cute racetrack panel too!


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