Halloween Candy Shadowbox

This is so cheap and simple, I almost feel guilty posting it.  But, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with quick and dirty.

I started with a shadowbox frame.  If you’re unfamiliar with the shadowbox, it’s a frame with an inch or two of depth to it so you can put mementos in it.  I’ve had this one for a while, but I’m pretty sure I bought it at the dollar store.

I bought a bag of Autumn mix at the grocery store for about $1.50.  I took the back off the frame and laid it glass-side down.  I meant to just dump the candy in and let it fall where it may.  You might notice I couldn’t bring myself to do that.  In order to keep the candy from moving  when I put the back on and picked it up, I made sure it was packed in tightly and the frame was completely full.

I planned to stick a cut-out bat to the front, but with its neat, little rows I thought it stood up well on its own.  I also considered vinyl letters, which I didn’t use, but haven’t ruled out.

My favorite thing about this project, besides it’s $2.50 price tag, is that I don’t have to find somewhere to store it after Halloween is over.  With its pumpkin and candy corns, I think I’ll let it ride through Thanksgiving, then dump it out and fill it with Christmas candy.  Or tinsel.  Or ornaments.  Nope…candy.

6 thoughts on “Halloween Candy Shadowbox

  1. That needs a sign that says in case of emergency break glass … no, nevermind, that wouldn’t last long around my house, candy corn is our favorite veggie! 🙂 Great job, can’t wait to see your Christmas one!!! jules


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