Felt Camera Ornament

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And party in the…Christmas tree.  I was playing with some felt recently, and thinking about all the camera fans I’ve met through my shop.  I know I like to have some ornaments on our tree that reflect the interests of the people in my house.  I’ve noticed a couple of camera ornaments in stores, but nothing all that cute, so I thought I’d see if I could come up with something better. 

Felt Camera Ornaments - Crafty Staci

These take a little time with all that stitching, but they aren’t particularly difficult.  In fact, if you don’t mind losing the look of the stitching, you can simply glue everything together!   

To make one of these, you’ll need this pattern, felt in black, white, grey and your choice of color, a button no larger than 1/2”, ten inches of 1/4” wide ribbon and embroidery floss. 

Felt Camera Ornament ingredients - Crafty Staci

Cut two of the camera body pieces, two of the flash (one is shown in the photo below, but you need two) and one of each remaining piece.

Felt Camera Ornament Pieces - Crafty Staci

Stitch the top and bottom pieces (green, in my case) to the top and bottom edge of a body piece.  Stitch only along the inner edge of each, as shown.

Felt Camera Ornament Step 1 - Crafty Staci

Sew the button on with the smallest circle underneath on the left.  Sew the viewfinder on the right.

Felt Camera Ornament Step 2 - Crafty Staci

Sew the white paisley-shaped reflection onto the black circle.

Felt Camera Ornament Step 3 - Crafty Staci

Stitch the black circle onto the grey circle.  While I used white thread for most of the stitching, I did this in black to make the reflection stand out.

Felt Camera Ornament Step 4 - Crafty Staci

Stitch the lens onto the body with a straight or blanket stitch.  I did one of each and I actually like the plainer straight stitch better.

Felt Camera Ornament Step 5 - Crafty Staci

Sew an asterisk shape onto one of the flash pieces.  You might want to draw it onto the felt first.  I didn’t, and it turned out a little wonky.  Stitch the two flash pieces together with white thread.  Make sure the knots are either in between or near the bottom edge.

Felt Camera Ornament Step 6 - Crafty Staci

Pin the ribbon near the edge of the back body, 1” down on each side.  Pin the flash next to the ribbon on the left, 1/4” down.

Felt Camera Ornament  Step 7 - Crafty Staci

Pin the camera on top.

Felt Camera Ornament Step 8 - Crafty Staci

Stitch all the way around the outside edge through all layers.  Make sure to hide your knots between the layers and stitch through the ribbon and flash as you go.

Felt Camera Ornament in Green - Crafty Staci

These would make a great gift for the shutterbug in your life – maybe that’s you!

How to Make Felt Camera Ornaments by Crafty Staci

Friday Favorites–Welcome to the Jungle

I’m about to show my age here, but if you’re familiar with the song title I’m using, bonus points to you.  When my daughter was a tiny little thing, she used to sing it with her dad.  It was the cutest thing ever.  Today is that same girl’s birthday, and while she would (and does) happily sing this with her father, she’s all grown up now.  This week’s Friday Favorites is dedicated to my first-born monkey!

Welcome to the Jungle - Crafty Staci's Friday Favorites

Around the same time as all that singing, my little girl could not get enough of The Lion King.  That was back when we were all watching on VHS, and the tape was so well-worn it had a permanent stripe across the top of the screen.  Needless to say, we had a lion-themed birthday or two in there.  This little Jungle Party from Simply Designing would have been perfect for my fruit and vegetable lover.


This Jungle Vine from One Charming Party is a great idea, and I think you could probably recycle paper bags for the vine, making it very inexpensive.

Jungle Vine from One Charming Party

It’s kinda crazy how easy it is to make this Zebra Stripe Cake from My Cake School.  I have got to try this.

Zebra Cake from My Cake School

Craft, Interrupted shares an adorable Feed the Monkey Game here, but what I particularly liked was the little Banana Beanbags.

Banana Bean Bags from Craft Interrupted

A couple of basic paper shapes and some clothespins are all you need to make these stand-up animals from Estefi Machado.

Clothespin Safari Animals from Estefi Machado

This No Sew Leaf Girl Costume from Alpha Mom would be great for your rainforest girl.

No Sew Leaf Girl Costume from Alpha Mom

These sweet Sleep Toy patterns from Livemaster remind me of some I had when I was a little kid.

Toys for Sleep from Livemaster

I remember my kids coming home from school with rain sticks they had made, like these from The Imagination Tree.

DIY Rain Stick from The Imagination Tree

Make play binoculars for your mini explorers with this DIY from Make Life Lovely.

DIY Binoculars from Make Life Lovely

I adore every single part of this Felt Safari Quiet Book from A Handmade Tale.

Safari Quiet Book from A Handmade Tale

Star Wars Hair Clips or Shoe Toppers

As you probably know by now, every couple of months I write an article for Undercover Tourist’s blog.  If you’re not familiar with them, Undercover Tourist sells tickets for Disney World and other amusement parks at a better rate than you’re likely to find anywhere else.  They also like to share Disney crafts with their readers, which is where I come in.

With Star Wars weekends coming up in the park, and my not-so-secret happiness that Disney and Star Wars are a thing, my craft had to have the Force behind it.  Like my Yoda bag from last year, I wanted it to be something wearable that a fan could take to the park.  I also decided there should be options to make these appeal to both boys and girls.  Or men and women – I don’t judge.  I’d wear these in a heartbeat.

Star Wars Hair Clips or Shoe Toppers by Crafty Staci 1

These are made in such a way that they can slide onto a headband or hair clip –

Star Wars Hair Clips or Shoe Toppers by Crafty Staci 2

Or they can be slipped onto a shoe lace to show your Padawan pride.

Star Wars Hair Clips or Shoe Toppers by Crafty Staci 3

Take a trip over to Undercover Tourist to see the full instructions and download the pattern.  May the force be with you!

Friday Favorites–St. Patrick’s Day

I’ve spent my entire life thinking I had some Irish ancestry, even on days other than St. Patrick’s.  As it turns out, I’m more likely Scottish.  I even have a family castle and a once-every-seven-year reunion in the homeland.  I’m also a distant relative of Sean Connery.  As exciting as all that is, it’s a little disappointing too.  I liked being able to claim a little legitimacy in my Kiss Me, I’m Irish pin.  But aren’t we all just a little bit Irish this time of year?

First of all, just for fun, here’s the castle:

Duart Castle

I don’t think they’re going to let me move in anytime soon, but I might be lucky enough to visit one day.

10 St. Patrick's Day DIYs - Crafty Staci

Corned beef and cabbage is really an American version of Irish food, but dishes like this Authentic Irish Colcannon from Boulder Locavore are much more traditional.

Authentic Irish Colcannon by Boulder Locavore

I love the simplicity of this St. Patrick’s Day Clover Canvas Art from Lovely Clusters.  I actually think this would work outside of the holiday as well.

St Patrick's Clover Canvas Art by Lovely Clusters

How fun are these Leprechaun Hat S’mores from Hostess with the Mostess?

Sometimes basic and inexpensive projects wind up being the most impressive, like these Thrifty Hurricanes from Two Twenty One.

Thrifty Hurricanes by Two Twenty One

This Leprechaun Crunch from Yesterday on Tuesday looks fun and tasty, but what I want to know is, who has to eat all of the Lucky Charms with no marshmallows?!?

Leprechaun Crunch by Yesterday on Tuesday

Again, so simple, but this Leafy Spring Wreath from Dollar Store Crafts would be perfect for a subtle St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

Leafy Spring Wreath by Dollar Store Crafts

I know some kids who would enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day Coin Dig from The Pleasantest Thing.  And I know one who hates getting messy and really, really wouldn’t.

St Patrick's Day Gold Dig by Pleasantest Thing

These Shamrock Cupcakes from Easy Cake Decorating are just brilliant.

I think the hardest part of this felt St. Patrick’s Day Garland from A Subtle Revelry would be cutting out all those shamrocks.

Easy St Patrick's Day Garland by A Subtle Revelry

I think the photo says it all when it comes to this Pistachio Pound Cake from The Candid Appetite.

Pistachio Pound Cake by The Candid Appetite

Go find someone to pinch (on Monday!)

Mickey and Minnie Caramel Apple Ornaments

If you’re a Disney fan and you’ve never been to one of the parks during the Christmas season, it’s definitely something to add to your must-do list.  Sure, it’s more crowded than usual.  Ordinarily that seems to make everyone a little cranky, but what we found was that at Christmas everyone is just glad to be there.  The Happiest Place on Earth is even happier, if you can imagine that.

During our visit, we spotted caramel Mickey and Minnie apples all over Disneyland, just like these, found on The Disney Food Blog.

Disneyland Christmas Caramel Apples on The Disney Food Blog

They were so cute, I decided to make a felt version to hang on our Christmas tree to remember our fun trip.  I actually shared these on Undercover Tourist last year, but things got so busy I didn’t get a chance to tell you about them until now.

Mickey and Minnie Caramel Apple Ornaments - Crafty Staci 1

I’ll give you the short version of how these are made.  If you find you need more photos and some tips on cutting out the pieces, you can find them at Undercover Tourist’s blog.

To make these, you’ll need felt in the appropriate colors, lollipop sticks, a piece of cardboard and ribbon.  You’ll find the pattern here.  Cut each of the pieces as indicated.

Mickey and Minnie Caramel Apple Ornaments - Crafty Staci 2

Starting with the cardboard at the bottom, layer each of the pieces on, gluing as you go.  For Mickey, it’s head, pants, hat, buttons, hat fluff and ball.   Minnie is head, skirt, hat, bow, bow center, hat ball, bow and skirt dots.  I used hot glue, but a more patient crafter could go with craft glue.

For either one, once it’s dry, flip it over and glue on the stick and the ribbon as shown.

Mickey and Minnie Caramel Apple Ornaments - Crafty Staci 3

Glue the final piece of felt over the top of the stick and ribbon on the back and you have a Disney keepsake ornament to either remember the trip you’ve already had or anticipate the one you’ll eventually take.  I guess mine are both, because I’ve already been, but can’t wait to go back.

Mickey and Minnie Caramel Apple Ornaments - Crafty Staci 4

On an unrelated note, I wanted to share a little good news with you.  My Spool and Button Garland was included in Australia’s Homespun magazine!  Since I’m not in Australia, they were nice enough to send me a photo of the front cover:

Homespun magazine cover

And the page my project appeared on (I’m slightly right of center at the bottom).  If you click the photo, you can see four pages from the magazine.Homespun magazine inside_Page_1

A great way to start out the week!

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder

Sometime around Christmas last year, I saw a cute, fat stuffed bird and thought “I should make a chubby bird ornament!”  I wrote it in my notebook, where it sat until this year.  I came across it again, so I started sketching out a drawing.  As I worked on it, I noticed he started to look a little like a teacup.  Great, I’ll go with that.  Once I made it to drawing the actual pattern I thought “Hey, you could leave the top open and put a gift card inside!”  Sometimes things just take on a life of their own.

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder - Crafty Staci

To make this bird, you’ll need this pattern, felt, craft thread and ribbon or cord.

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder - Crafty Staci 2

Cut two of each pattern piece from the felt.

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder - Crafty Staci 3

Stitch the wing to the body on both sides, making sure to reverse the direction for one of them.  For the rest of the pieces, put both together and stitch around the edge.  Add a black knot on the body for the eye.

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder - Crafty Staci 4

Pin the two body pieces together with the wings out.  Slide the tail, feet and beak in 1/4” in the appropriate places and pin.

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder - Crafty Staci 5

Stitch around the edge of the body, leaving the top open.

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder - Crafty Staci 6

Cut 12” of ribbon or cord.  I remembered I had some Christmas-colored baker’s twine, so I went with that.  Tie a knot at the ends, slide into each side and stitch about three stitches above the knot to hold in place.

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder - Crafty Staci 7

In addition to gift cards, he also happens to be kinda great at holding a teabag or two.

Teacup Bird Gift Card Holder - Crafty Staci 8

And when he’s done with that job, he can be an ornament.  I love this little guy.

Teacup Bird Gift Card or Teabag Holder - Crafty Staci

And on this Monday before Thanksgiving, be sure to support your favorite artisans by shopping handmade!

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Yoda Purse

I don’t make many crafts for little girls, because I don’t have any mini models readily available. But when Undercover Tourist asked me to make something to celebrate Star Wars Weekends at Disney World, I knew two things:  it was going to involve Yoda and it was going to be for a girl. 

I grew up with Star Wars.  Back before all that Jar-Jar nonsense, everyone wanted to be Princess Leia, marry Han Solo and have Luke Skywalker as a brother.  But my absolute favorite character was always Yoda.  There’s just something about that little green guy.  “Do or do not.  There is no try.” Words to live by.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 1

To make Master Yoda, you’ll need:

  • one black felt scrap
  • one white felt scrap
  • one green felt 9 x 12” rectangle
  • 3/8 – 1/2” wide grosgrain ribbon, 60 inches or less
  • black embroidery floss
  • you may also want green and white floss or thread if you’re sewing your bag
  • this Yoda Bag pattern

I chose to sew my bag together, but you also have the option of using craft or hot glue. Everywhere it mentions sewing, just run a bead of glue instead. Just be sure to let it dry or cool completely between each step. This small bag is not meant for large or heavy items, especially if you use glue.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 2

To cut the purse shape, fold the green felt in half and place the bottom edge of the pattern on the fold.  Cut four eyelids and two ears from the green as well.  From the white felt, cut two eye whites.  Cut two eye centers from the black.  Decide where you’d like the bag to hang on your body or the body you’re making it for, measure the ribbon to that length and add 6 inches.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 3

Place the eye whites on the front of the bag as indicated on the pattern.  Sew in place.  I used white thread and hand-sewed.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 4

Place the black eye center in the appropriate place over the white and stitch.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 5

Slightly overlap the eye with the top and bottom eyelids.  Stitch in place.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 6

Stitch a mouth using the black embroidery floss.  If you’re gluing your bag, you could carefully draw the mouth on with a black Sharpie to keep this a true no-sew project.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 7

To form the ears, fold at the line shown on the pattern.  Use a few stitches or a bit of glue to hold the fold in place.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 8

Turn the upper edge of the bag to the inside 1” on both the front and back.  Stitch near the edge of the felt.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 9

Lay the bag out with the face closest to you and the inside up.  Pin the ribbon next to the edge of the back on the right and left, extended down 3”.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 10

Place the ears as indicated on the pattern, on top of the ribbon and sticking out on each side. Make sure the edge of each ear extends about 1/2” into the bag.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 11

Fold the front of the bag up over the top of the ribbon and ears.  The top edges should be even. 

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 12

Stitch 3/8” from the edge, then again just over 1/8” from the edge.

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 12.5

Because I have no little girls, this bag is hanging in my sewing room.  I’m seriously considering using it myself when we go to Disneyland next summer.  According to Yoda “Size matters not.”  Well, I think in Disneyland, age matters not.  Right?

Yoda Bag - Crafty Staci 13

Felt Flowers from the Land of Oz

I was recently asked by Undercover Tourist, a great website for Disney World park tickets, apps and info, to create a craft to celebrate the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival.  As luck would have it, the movie Oz, the Great and Powerful was opening at almost the same time and Disney announced there would be an Oz area in the festival.   I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the beautiful flowers on the movie posters made my job easy.

I can’t show you the posters here because Disney has a lot more money than I do, but if you visit the Oz website you’ll see in many shots from the movie there is a lily-looking tropical flower.  That’s how we’re going to bring home some movie magic.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 1

To make one flower, you’ll need:

· 2 felt rectangles (about 9 x 12") in two different, coordinating colors

· 5 pipe cleaners

· 3 beads

· 1 chopstick or other wooden stick

· embroidery floss

· stem wrap tape (waxy floral tape, found in the craft store with floral arranging supplies)

· this pattern

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 2

Cut the flower shape from one piece of felt and five of the petal centers from the other.  Cut along the red lines in the center of the flower, as indicated on the pattern.  Cut four of the pipe cleaners in half.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 3

Lay the flower face up and center one of the short pipe cleaners on a petal, about 1/4” from the top.  Carefully add a petal center over the top, even with the top edge of the petal.  Pin.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 4

Stitch over the center and the pipe cleaner with embroidery floss, using the stitch of your choice.  My embroidery floss is variegated, or ombre, which is why it looks like I used different colors.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 5

Repeat on the other four petals.  Push the ends of all five pipe cleaners through the hole in the center of the flower, bending slightly if necessary.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 6

On the remaining short pipe cleaners, slide a bead to about 1 inch from the end.  Holding the bead in place, bend the top of the pipe cleaner over it and twist it around underneath.  Make three of these for the stamens.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 7

Using the pipe cleaners, gather all five flower petals together.  Push the bottom ends of the stamens into the center, making sure all eight pipe cleaners are even at the bottom.  Wrap a couple of inches of the long pipe cleaner tightly around at the base of the flower.  Leave the rest loose until the next step.  I used a green one in this photo so you could see it better.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 8

Slide the chopstick into the center of the stems from the bottom, pushing it as close to the flower as it will go.  Finish wrapping the pipe cleaner around the stems and down the chopstick.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 9

Starting just under the bottom of the flower, wrap the stem with floral tape, pulling slightly and overlapping as you spiral down.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 10

Bend each petal outward with a slight curve and fan the stamens out a bit.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 11

I made a few leaves to go with these, using the same method except a doubled-over pipe cleaner instead of the chopstick in the center.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 12

These flowers were intended for the spring festival, but they make me feel like I can see a little peek of summer on the horizon.

Felt Flowers - Crafty Staci 13

Twisted Wire Carrot

As happens to me once in a while, I walked into my sewing room for an entirely different reason, and came out with this bit of Easter décor.  Most of the time I can focus on the task at hand, but sometimes I just OH…SHINY!

This copper carrot was inspired by the one I made before Christmas for my Melted Snowman Ornament

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 0

This is a larger version with a different method for adding the greenery.

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 1

I used 18 – 20 gauge copper wire.  I didn’t measure the length, but I’d guess it was about 4 to 6 feet.  I would like to see this with thicker wire.  It might be harder to twist, but the look might be more similar to the smaller carrot.  I used green felt scraps for the greenery and a cardboard cone for twisting the wire.

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 2

Starting from the top, I twisted the wire around the cone. 

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 3

I wound it too tight around the top, so when I pulled it off I tried to stretch it out, but ended up with a mutant carrot.

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 4

Fortunately, it was easy to fix.  I just cut off the tip at the point where it looked more carrotish and stuck it back on the cone to bring the end to a smaller point.

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 5

I cut several pieces of green felt in different lengths, each about 1/4 – 1/2” wide.

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 6

I gathered them all together in the middle.  I manipulated the wire at the top of the carrot so it was centered, then wrapped it around the center of the felt.

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 7

To make the felt stick up a little more, I pulled it together and wrapped the last bit of wire around the base.

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 8

I can’t wait to see what kind of Easter bunny shows up to eat this veggie.

Twisted Wire Carrot - Crafty Staci 9

Bendable Bunny Ears

I’d like to give you a brief insight into the life of a craft blogger on the first day of spring in Oregon.  I started on the project I’m going to talk about this morning while it was a little cloudy.  The clouds broke, and the sun was shining while I cut and stitched.  As soon as I was finished and started looking for a little spot of light so I could take some pics the very ugly, dark grey clouds rolled in.  I fought through my photo shoot and finally gave up when it started to rain.  I sat down to the computer to start writing and some not-tiny hail started falling, which knocked out my satellite internet.  Did I mention I also heard some thunder?  Happy spring!

Anyway, Easter is hopping this way and I have a cute project to share.  This was inspired by a felt flower project I’ll be showing you the first week in April.  These are easy to make and, like most of my favorite projects, the details can be changed to suit your taste.

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 1

These felt bunny ears are stitched with a pipe cleaner core, so they can be wrapped around just about anything.  To make a set, you’ll need this pattern, two pieces of felt (one pink and one bunny ear color), two pipe cleaners and some embroidery floss.

We’ll start with the larger set.  Cut two outside ears and inside ears.

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 2

Lay the outside ear down with the pipe cleaner on top.  The pipe cleaner should reach into the ear 6” from the bottom point.  That sounds kinda gross.  Don’t think too hard about it.

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 3

Lay the inside ear on top, centered and matching the points at the bottom.  Pin in place.

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 4

Stitch down the center using the stitch of your choice.  I used three different versions for the three sets I made here.  Hide the knots under the inside ear.

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 5

Yep, it’s that easy.  I wrapped these around the handle of a basket.

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 6

For the first set, I used pink embroidery floss to match the inside ear.  On the second I used thread that matched the outside ear so that I could bend the ear over without the contrasting thread showing on the back.

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 7

To make the smaller version, cut one pipe cleaner in half (unless you’d like it longer to wrap around something larger) and it should reach 3 1/2” up from the bottom point.

I decided to stitch around the edge of the inside ear on the smaller set.  The zigzag stitch in the center is my favorite of these three.  They’re shown here wrapped around a headband, and can be easily removed after Easter is over.

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 8

I really like the added dimension of the embroidery but if you’re really in a hurry, you could also use a sewing machine and a zigzag stitch down the middle. 

Bendable Bunny Ears - Crafty Staci 9

I’ll leave you with this:  the sun is shining again.